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SFT NG900 Holset Build

I have had this in the works for a while but its time it more official! I am aiming high for this one with a goal of over 600hp! So far I have finished the long block which is a B234 with 90.50mm Wossner pistons connected to the stock connecting rods. Every moving part has been balanced, crank oil galleys camphored. Head has been ported and we will test the limit of b202 camshafts on this one. Paired with ARP headstuds and manifold hardware.

We are adding a 62.35mm/0.82AR Billet Holset HX40/35 to this motor to start, attached by a SAS Auto Customs equal length top mount exhaust manifold made for a 44mm Tial Sport Wastegate. Once we are finished topping out the turbine side I will upgrade to the Super 40 hot side. All of this pushed through the drop in intercooler!

Fuel system will be starting out simple with just a set of Injector Dynamics 1300cc Injectors pushed by an Aeromotive 340 pump. Soon after that it will be upgraded to a fully adjustable Nuke FPR and rail with a possible 2 pump system. Of course this will be running on E85. There is no estimated time of completion on this build but rest assured that it will be monster when completed!

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