2003+ 9-3 4cyl. 
After you purchase a T8 Tune, please email swedefleettuning@gmail.com with the details of your car and whether the car is stock or what mods you have on the car. We do not do "stage" tunes due to every car is different.

T8 Tuning

  • With this option you will recieve a Powergate 3 Handheld tuner. With this you will be able to read and write to your ECU with the tunes you are sent. This unit is also a Diagnostic Code Reader.

    Once you purchase your unit email swedefleettuning@gmail.com with the VIN of your car and the mods you have. You will recieve a email with the software you will need to upload the tunes sent to you to your unit. 

    When you recieve your unit you will need to plug in the unit to your car and select the read option, CONNECT YOUR BATTERY TO A CHARGER OR JUMP BOX WHEN READING AND WRITING TO YOUR CAR. NEVER INTERUPT A READ OR WRITE PROCESS. 

    Once you have read the file from your car you will need to plug it into the the computer and open the software you were sent. Download the file and email the file to swedefleettuning@gmail.com. I will then email you on how to upload to the car.