1999-2002 9-3 Viggen, 1999-2010 9-5, 2000-2002 (+2003 CV) 9-3
After you purchase a T7 Tune, please email swedefleettuning@gmail.com with the details of your car and whether the car is stock or what mods you have on the car. We do not do "stage" tunes due to every car is different. If you want a SFT bio Power FlexFuel Tune, please select that option. This is for the TUNE ONLY. If you do not have the supporting modifications to support the ethanol conversion, please see our E85 conversion kit!

T7 Tuning

  • Trying to make a decsion about converting from pertroleum-based gas and ethonal? Why not use both?!?! There is no reason NOT to make the switch. 

    So let’s talk about some of the things that need to change to run e85, how an ECU can handle the conversions, and if there are any other factors that a studious car owner may need to be concerned about, such as common questions about sludge, what ethanol can do to fuel lines, cold weather performance, mixing E85 and gasoline, and impact to milage.

    Performance Benefit

    To make more power without melting a piston, the flame front of the combustion reaction inside of the cylinders must either be cooled - thus reducing cylinder pressure, or higher-temperature tolerant pistons installed. Ethanol burns at a cooler temperature due to high latent heat of vaporization(plus some other reasons) than gasoline. By burning more completely, more combustion products are created for the same temperature of a gasoline reaction. The long and the short of it:  ethanol can burn cooler to give the same cylinder pressure as burning gasoline because it produces a greater amount of combustion products (We can get into the chemistry and properties of ethanol if you want...give us a call or message - we might write something up on it). This is what allows this setup to work without changing pistons in your B series. Now...if you could get the cylinder temperatures hotter without risk of melting a piston...well...you get the idea (hint - tires. You will need to replace your tires a lot).

    Cold Weather Performance

    No different than any other car, your Cornfed Swede will start in rain, shine, snow, hot, cold, or (maybe mars...testing in progress). 

    Fuel Lines

    The fuel lines in your SAAB are mostly hard lines, and where there are rubber lines that come in contact with E85, they are all totally okay to be used with your E85 conversion.

    Fuel Economy

    Won't be as good as petroluem fuel. You will get over it. We promise. 

  • With this option you will recieve a Powergate 3 Handheld tuner. With this you will be able to read and write to your ECU with the tunes you are sent. This unit is also a Diagnostic Code Reader.

    Once you purchase your unit email swedefleettuning@gmail.com with the VIN of your car and the mods you have. You will recieve a email with the software you will need to upload the tunes sent to you to your unit. 

    When you recieve your unit you will need to plug in the unit to your car and select the read option, CONNECT YOUR BATTERY TO A CHARGER OR JUMP BOX WHEN READING AND WRITING TO YOUR CAR. NEVER INTERUPT A READ OR WRITE PROCESS. 

    Once you have read the file from your car you will need to plug it into the the computer and open the software you were sent. Download the file and email the file to swedefleettuning@gmail.com. I will then email you on how to upload to the car.