So, you have yourself a tuned up troll? Or just a car you want to have a lighter touch in the corners? This strut bar eliminates the flex of the strut towers in cornering. This flex effectively changes the camber of your front tires. In a front wheel drive car, this affects not only how the car handles, but also the application of power to the road. 
Eliminating this flex creates more responsive steering, and lets the sway bars maintain a more even tire contact patch on the ground. Torque steer is more predictable and applies smoothly, allowing for earlier acceleration exiting a turn.

Installation is straight forward and instructions are included. Once installed, many do not notice it under the hood, as the finish and form fitting installation is factory in appearance. No permanent modifications to the car are required. On aero models, removal of the hood switch is required, but it can remain plugged in and easily tucked away out of site.

Fits 1999-2005

Krona 9-5 Strut Brace